Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tatum's Playroom

The playroom is probably one of our most used rooms at the moment - Within the past month Tatum hit a stage where he really likes to be "doing."  We have to jumper toys that he can sit and play in in other rooms and those keep him really occupied too but we just bounce from toy to toy and enjoy playing.  He'll roll around on his playmat for a while and has certain toys he's big enough to enjoy on his own and some that he'll sit in my lap and play with.

Before he was born and in his first few months of life the nursery was only neutrals - anything with color in the photos below we got him for Christmas or has been added later and I'm slowly letting go of the neutral only thing - our house is a full kid zone now.

Using his playroom as a second nursery worked amazing when he was first born as we could just walk in there and change or rock him instead of going upstairs to his room - I'd highly recommend making a second makeshift changing station if possible - it was a lifesaver!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Life Lately

Life lately has been crazy around here.  In the almost month that we've been back from Florida, Derek's been out of town for ten days on two separate trips, we've had friends come to visit us two separate weekends, dealt with two big snowstorms and lost power for about 50 hours.  

The snow may be pretty on my walks with Stella, but we are ready for warm weather!  Our little Tatum will be five months old this week and is finally transitioning into his 3-6 month outfits so I had my first session of packing up the clothes that are two small and reorganizing his closet.  Speaking of Tatum, he's in full "play" mode and always wants to be doing something.

With Derek's travel schedule this month, we've been enjoying family time and having Daddy home whenever we can.  It's also given Tatum, Stella and I a few overnight stays at my parents' house which has been a blast for all of us as well as extra Lovie and Poppy play time at our house.

The weekend before last just as we were finishing our work day at home around 4:30 the power went out and didn't come back until late Sunday night - not that there's ever a good time for the power to go out but the entire duration of a weekend wasn't ideal!  We got our fireplace going that night and spent some time out in the car, had sandwiches and cocktails in the dark and slept downstairs by the fire to keep Tatum warm.  The next two nights we slept out with friends on air mattresses and such, came home to completely clear our fridges and get ready for the next storm and 10+ inches that was coming two days later.  Cleaning up from the first storm and getting ready for the second one kept us busy most of last week!

Like I said before, Tatum is in full play mode - we spend more time in the playroom than ever, he has two jumper toys he sits in and loves, he "cruises" in his beep beep car and three weeks ago he started rolling over and cannot be stopped... it's his favorite! 

This past weekend Derek was away and with daylight savings both of my "kids" were up early so there was a spot for all of them in Mommy's bed plus a very lazy Sunday with naps.  Luckily I had girlfriends visiting the night before and Tatum loved his playtime with his aunts - we had some other friends visit two weeks ago so attention is never lacking for our little guy! 

And of course, Tatum and Stella continue to be the best of friends.  As he gets more active it's such fun watching their interaction together.  She is never far from her baby brother's side, knows to leave his toys alone and spoils him with kisses.

Hoping to get back into a more regular blogging schedule this week now that we've caught up on life. xx

Friday, March 2, 2018

Palm Beach: Final Days

Today I'm finally wrapping up our trip to Palm Beach - adding the final two days into one post to finish it up.  We aren't usually away on holidays but this year our trip fell over Valentine's Day.  We started the morning at the hotel boutiques, for Tatum of course then it was off to the spa for me.  I gladly enjoyed a complimentary champagne before my massage while the boys strolled the golf course and played at the pool.

The three of us met back up for lunch by the pool.  We split a bottle of rose and got our favorite lunch meals one more time before the trip was over.

Another round down at the beach - Tatum loved the ocean sound and playing in the sand so it was great for all of us.  We kept going back down to the ocean to dip his toes in and rotated who got to lay in the sun and who was under the umbrella with him.

Like the other days, after a bit we headed back up to the pool.  

Around his normal time of late afternoon and after a bottle, he settled in for a nap and we enjoyed a happy hour in the sunshine. 

For Valentine's Day dinner we went back to the Seafood Bar... Derek went down early to put our name down and Tatum and I showed up for just a little bit of waiting - it's always fun watching the fish swim right underneath your cocktails.

We had a great both in the corner of the bar to accommodate Tatum, who fell asleep shortly into the meal.  Afterwards we took him for a stroll in his stroller - they lit up parts of the building as well as the fountain red for the holiday.

For our final day we were up and out to the pool bright and early.  We were able to get a few hours of sun before packing up our stuff to head back to the cold.

Tatum got a couple more dips into the pool and a nice nap out in the sun.  His nap meant a little relax time for both Derek and I. 

To finish things up we did a lunch at the seafood bar before we left for the airport.  Another wonderful annual trip and it was so special to have Tatum there with us!  Until next time...